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Sue Holloway Dr (Barrhaven )

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House Info

Adress Sue Holloway Dr, Ottawa, ON K2J 5R6
Cost $ 1,300 Rooms 2 Toilets 2 Laundry 개인
Furniture Furnished
Built-in Refrigerator  Dishwasher    Oven  Washing machine  Dryer  Cooling&Heating    
Near schools

Elementary school : Chapman Mills Public School 관련링크

Middle School, High School : Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School

Contract 1. Application form
2. ID Card ( Copy of Passport )
3. Certificate employment, Pay stubs
4. Certificate of income amount , The bank balance
5. Study permit , Letter of Acceptance
6. Etc - Recommendation or Criminal record check if the house owner asks to tendant.

* Tendant should pay the rent fee of first and last month when they make a contract.
* The term of contract is one year.
* Tendant should give a notice when they want to move out.


House Introduction

This town house is located in large scale condo town and this area is offered the convenient transportation and
good school boundary. The neighborhood is Canadian and Chinese.
This town house is managed by MINTO Compnay and they take care of cleaning, mow the grass,garbage and clean
the snow.
The house has two rooms with carpet and the closets are located in each room,basement and living room.
The utilities fee is amount $300 per moth.
The parking lot is indoor for tendant and the visitor use out-door parking lot.
The tendant can throw the garbage any time in basement parking lot.
The main bus stop and market places are located near the house. ( Walmart,Loblsws,LCBO,Stables,TD bank,Scotiabank,
Tim hortons,Starbucks,Restaurants, etc )
The Chapman mills public school takes only 10 min. by walk and Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary school takes only 15 min. by walk from house.
The downtown takes 50 min by bus or 30 min by car.


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3 188 Hornchurch LANE ( Barrhaven ) 첨부파일 03-10 71 1 0
2 Portrush Ave ( Barrhaven ) 첨부파일 03-10 53 1 0
reading Sue Holloway Dr (Barrhaven ) 첨부파일 03-09 58 1 0

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